Clients work with us for different reasons. Some choose us for our investment knowledge that comes from years of experience and extensive education. Others appreciate our attentiveness to their needs whenever they arise. Here are a few examples of why clients trust us as their wealth management partner, and of the solutions we have developed for them.


 Ellie is the best financial advisor! She always goes out of her way to make sure my finances are well taken care of. She and her team are knowledgeable, professional and bring me peace of mind when it comes to my financial future. Ellie has been my financial advisor for over 25 years and during that time she has helped me with my retirement, increasing the value of my investments, and estate planning. Ellie and her team have surpassed my expectations. You can tell that they are genuine and take the time to really get to know you. Ellie regularly provides updates and is always available to answer any questions or just to have a friendly chat. Transitioning into retirement has been much easier thanks to Ellie and her team's guidance. I have great confidence and trust in Ellie and her team. 

George N.


 My husband Jack and I have had the honour of knowing Ellie Jenner since 1989. Apart from being a very good friend, she has been our Financial Advisor since 1995. She has done an incredible job helping us with our finances and guiding us through different life stages – particularly retirement. Besides being extremely knowledgeable, Ellie is very honest and loyal, she always takes the time to ensure that we feel comfortable, informed, and have a plan in place to meet our goals. Ellie takes very good care of us and all our financial and lifestyle needs. She answers any questions we have and clarifies complex information, so we have better knowledge and understanding of our financial plan. Ellie has a fantastic and genuine support team behind her, we always feel listened to and at ease after meeting with them. We are totally confident we have one of the very best advisor in the industry! 

Jack and Marlene B.